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Copywriter: Haley McLaughlin

Context: Creative Reaction Lab believes that youth are the architects of change and culture. Their Redesigners for Justice movement empowers youth up to age 26 to become leaders in their communities and affect real change. Of 160 professional attendees and 106 creative teams from both the U.S. and Canada, my copywriting partner and I created an app prototype addressing the brief in less than a week.

Challenge: For this Adobe Xd UI/UX challenge, create a mobile app that helps mobilize youth leaders working towards equity.

Solution: Woke is one-stop-shop for connecting people, organizations, events, and resources that helps youth leaders work toward their equity goals. Through providing a simplified way to mobilize young people who are ready to become leaders in their community, Woke transforms ambitions and passions into actions. 

Awards: First Place, $1000 donated to our charity of choice, Adobe swag, and an Adobe Creative Jam Feature.

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Woke can prove that we are stronger together.
Download today and awaken the activist in you.
It’s hard for just one person to change the world, but no one has to do it alone.

Presented in a format similar to popular dating apps, Woke will be accessible for all users. The recent success of dating apps shows that the “swipe” mechanism is not only intuitive, but that there is true power in the swift identification of common interests. Furthermore, Woke’s colorful and lively design is reminiscent of the diverse and bright future that its users strive for.


Challenge: Conceptualize a mock album cover that not only represents your agency but also shows what makes you so unique.

Solution: Havas Health Plus is proud to be one of MM&M's top 100 agencies in medical marketing and communications. My winning album cover design conveys the essence of HH+: support, strength, diversity, and most of all, unity.

Awards: First Place at HH+ and a feature in MM&M's 2020 Agency 100.


Copywriter: Ian Morgan

Challenge: For this Adobe Xd UI/UX Challenge, create a mobile landing page for the RFTCA website.

Awards: First Place, Adobe swag, and an HH+ agency feature.

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