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Product Design | UI | UX

Creative Conscience Silver Medalist


Sam I Am

Since childhood, I have always been far taller than the average. While this exacerbated the already awkward growing pains of adolescence, it allowed me to see the world from a different perspective—because I was always in the back row.

Whether it was a dance recital, picture day, or a chorus performance, I, ironically, remained in the shadows of other, shorter children. Yet, because of these experiences, I became more observant, constantly forced to look at the whole, chaotic picture that stood in front of me. I noticed spots, colors, and imperfections that one normally misses in the mayhem of the action.

With every inch, my curiosity, drive, and creativity continued to grow. While my growth spurt may have ended at a whopping six feet, my unfaltering desire to stand out pushes me to produce eye-catching creations that will never fade into the background.

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